Biggest mistakes in software development

When You Outsource Your Software Development


Want to make the most of software development outsourcing, but without the problems?


How can you prevent your outsourcing project from missing your business goals, failing to produce a quality result, or simply disintegrating before it even finishes? Too many times, these projects lead to frustration and failure, when a few simple steps could have saved the day.




Now this report lets you check and correct problems before they can even start. It examines 18 different potential showstoppers and gives practical advice on how to act for success instead of submitting to defeat.


Included in this report, you’ll find information on:


  • The pitfalls to avoid concerning project goals
  • What happens if you get project scope and communication wrong
  • Key technical mistakes
  • How mishandling management and confidentiality can lead to disaster


Use this report on what can go wrong to make sure that everything goes right!


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