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MS Sharepoint

We create custom SharePoint applications to meet your needs
Apro Outsourcing
  • we will create and maintain a company intranet site on a SharePoint foundation
  • you will be able to share all kinds of resources within your company, including video, Microsoft Visio charts and diagrams
  • you can streamline business process by using electronic forms
  • SharePoint will socialize your business
  • SharePoint add-ons will enable wider collaboration within your company

The Advantages of SharePoint


From our extensive experience of implementing software for clients of different sizes and core businesses, we found that Microsoft SharePoint was always well adopted and highly used. You can share all kinds of resources within your company, including video, Microsoft Visio charts and diagrams, and streamline business processes by using electronic forms. These are only some of the wide range of features which you could use to enhance your business. SharePoint’s flexibility and potential for independent in-house development are well-recognized within the industry.


Microsoft SharePoint
If you run a business of any reasonable size, you will know what SharePoint is. Often bundled with the rest of the enterprise software that Microsoft supplies for small to medium size businesses, the software is a platform that allows high levels of sharing and collaboration.


SharePoint 2010 - new, more socially oriented
There are a number of aspects to SharePoint that really came into their own with the second major iteration that was SharePoint 2010. This version saw many updates that made it even easier for businesses to run a collaborative structure within their organization. It has even become more social, so that teams can communicate quickly and effectively on projects of any size.


Project management, organized documents – all in one place
The basic advantage in using SharePoint can be demonstrated when a team wants to create and manage a project, for example a design project for a new iteration of a product. The team leader or leaders can quite easily set up a workspace on SharePoint, ensure that all the key documents are in place, and organize calendars. All of this can be done in one place, so this is a key example of when an organization can use SharePoint to maximize results. This collaboration activity is a core feature of SharePoint, and can be considered a key benefit for an enterprise.


In-house custom application development – independent of 3rd parties
However, underneath the skin of SharePoint is another key aspect. You can use SharePoint application development to create custom applications that can make your job as a team much easier and more efficient. This removes the need to seek an application from a third party. Instead, you can work together within your team to devise the perfect application for your project, and then create that application so that it perfectly suits the needs of your project.


Flexible solution that grows with your company
The value of this particular aspect of SharePoint to the average enterprise cannot be emphasized enough. Many businesses become frustrated at the lack of bespoke solutions available on the market, solutions that would perfectly suit their needs. These needs can be size-specific, where a company is of a certain size, and does not need huge solutions costing thousands of dollars. Conversely, the company can be huge, and need something that has the potential to grow with them. SharePoint application development allows the nuts and bolts of an organization’s processes and functionality to be streamlined with applications that the organization can create themselves using the SharePoint application development platform. For example, a company can develop a bespoke record-keeping application through SharePoint; one that allows them to manage their unique needs more effectively. This is where SharePoint really comes into its own.


By the organization, for the organization
Complementing this is the creation of personalized websites, mini-sites if you will, that are completely unique to the organization. These are internal sites that employees and teams in the organization can access through SharePoint application development. All documents and applications that are important to the team can be stored on these personalized sites using the SharePoint framework. This way, everything is kept in one place, and usability is optimized because the site has been created by the organization, for the organization.


Case Studies

Check out examples of our work. Software solutions we have delivered.

Olympics - Intranet based on SharePoint

We developed an intranet solution for our Irish digital marketing client on MS SharePoint platform


  • Document libraries delivered
  • Media library implemented, with the ability to watch videos directly from the web
  • Custom graphical design applied to the SharePoint platform
  • Improved user experience 

.NET developers outsourcing

We extended the development team by adding six highly skilled developers to help build content around Windows Phone, Azure and Windows 8. The product was an innovative e-learning system for improving software development skills.


  • Product makes learning development skills easier
  • Real-world-like experience through emulation of developer’s platform
  • A coding sandbox to learn new skills and programming techniques
  • Tight integration with Visual Studio