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We’re delighted with their aptitude and skill sets. Their communication with us has been focused and productive. In a very short space of time, we’ve come to feel that they are part of InnerWorkings and have almost forgotten that they work with APRO Software.
Robert Brady
VP of Operations, Ireland
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Onsite Outsourcing & Staffing

We offer onsite outsourcing for your company:
Apro Outsourcing
  • Use our pool of experienced specialists
  • Extend your existing team
  • Benefit from flexibility in project management

Consultants (called bodyshoppers) will work onsite with the client´s staff, which enables them to easily share information, know-how and the company´s culture. The onsite model also helps to avoid problems with time difference that occur in the offsite model.



Onsite outsourcing model – Ability to react quickly to changes

Software development is a process with frequent changes, in such areas as requirements specifications, technical requirements, and testing. The onsite outsourcing model, where bodyshoppers can communicate with the client directly, makes change management easier to execute and more efficient.

Onsite outsourcing by Eastern European consultants - Reduced costs with same quality


Onsite outsourcing companies provide skilled personnel without onerous overhead expenses. Specialists are often hired in Eastern European countries, where costs per working hour for employees are lower, yet the quality remains the same, or even higher. Experiences with developers from countries such as Belarus or Ukraine are known to be very good, as a result of their effective education systems and sound work ethics.


Hiring of Eastern European developers – Let them be outsourced

There are some difficulties when it comes to hiring workers from Eastern European countries. There is considerable paperwork and administration in exchanges between the host country and the home country, such as getting a visa, validating the employee’s University diploma, and accommodation in the host country. The benefits from cheaper employees can disappear. This is why it is better to find an experienced company to take care of these activities for you.

Case Studies

Check out examples of our work. Software solutions we have delivered.

.NET developers outsourcing

We extended the development team by adding six highly skilled developers to help build content around Windows Phone, Azure and Windows 8. The product was an innovative e-learning system for improving software development skills.


  • Product makes learning development skills easier
  • Real-world-like experience through emulation of developer’s platform
  • A coding sandbox to learn new skills and programming techniques
  • Tight integration with Visual Studio

Energy Smart Mobile app

Our offshore team developed a mobile application which provides flexible and simple control of plug energy consumption.


  • Product brings dramatic savings to end users
  • Complete solution available on the app stores
  • Development in 3 versions - for iPhone and  iPad, for Android, and for Windows Phone 7