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Windows Phone Development

We offer Windows Phone software development according to your needs:
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  • We place your company in a fast-growing market
  • We have extensive experience in various implementations on Windows Phone
  • We ensure that your mobile app will be easily placed on the Windows Phone Marketplace
  • We provide a user interface according to the latest standards


Windows Phone development – heaven for users?

Windows Phone development has many advantages upon which it can compete with other platforms. Let’s mention and describe some of them in more detail.


Windows Phone provides better localization support


This is a real selling point for anyone who is struggling to make a decent localized app for his or her business or for a client. Essentially, localized apps make apps better suited to users in particular geographical areas, providing local information and customizing the experience for a person who is in a certain part of the world. Think GPS but more human. Windows as a mobile app development tool does this to perfection, reducing all of the hard work that goes into localization. All project templates include enhanced support for localization as standard. And with so many apps these days being ‘local’, it makes sense to use this feature.


User point of view in the store


You know that image that app buyers see on the stores when they buy their apps? The Windows Phone development tools allow you to see exactly what users will see when they view your app on the online store. This means that you gain a unique perspective into the buying experience.


Improve the quality of the application during the development stage


During the development of a Windows Phone application, this feature enables the simulation of different situations a user can experience. All of those horrible scenarios that people face when things go wrong with connection speeds, for example, can be tested on a special dashboard available at the development stage.


Simulate different scenarios to experience the user´s feel


You can test to see what will happen when your users are faced with a poor signal, for example, or low bandwidth. You can also see what it is like when your users see a notification pop up from an SMS message, for example. If it is completely disruptive, you can see this in the simulation dashboard. Using the simulation dashboard allows you to see what it is like when things go wrong, and plan to make these problems disappear as part of your development stage, rather than as a patch once the app goes live.


The upshot


Features like the simulation dashboard and the testing abilities make it a lot easier to catch bugs and enhance the look and feel early during the development stage. It is for this reason that many companies that wish to develop an app are turning to this platform as a starting point, rather than worrying about others.