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The Challenge of iPad App Creation


The iPad is most definitely the way forward when companies are considering creating new apps. However, for any developer or team of developers that want to use the machine to full advantage, there are a couple of issues that are important to keep in mind. Just as all devices have their hiccups and demands when it comes to development, there are a few things that can’t be ignored with iPad application development.


Mind the specific size


Getting down to the basics here, screen size is a major factor for any developer who wants to graduate from iPhone application, for example, to iPad apps. The iPad screen is five times larger than that of the iPhone, so you have a dilemma there, not only in terms of how you fill that extra space, but also to make sure it is used to its full potential.


Here it is all about the user interface. This is especially the case where you are creating an app that uses Maps, or any other scalable content. This will mean changing your thinking somewhat, and creating an app that can easily manage the size change. So for any developer who has happily been working with the iPhone for a period of time, there are issues when it comes to size.


Be aware that the speed differs according to the iPad version


All iPad models are most certainly not the same. The slowest iPad version, for example, is nowhere near as fast as the latest version. This affects the CPU of the device when you are designing applications for it. If you are creating a game, for example, which has many aspects that drain power and performance from the CPU, you may need to build in changes that remove or add certain features. For a game that has a lot of graphics detail, you may need to switch back and forth on the level of detail when scaling down to a less powerful iPad model.


Gaming Issues


When you are creating a game for the iPad (or even just a graphics-intensive application) you may need to think about the size limit for the iTunes store. This sets size limits for applications, and if you have an incredibly graphics-intensive title, it may fall foul of the rules that Apple sets for the size of games. Again, this may not just affect game titles. If you have a large application that has many assets attached (of which graphics may only be one) then you may need to consider either losing those assets that tip you over the Apple limit for size, or somehow changing them.



Creating titles for the iPad is lucrative and great fun. It is a whole new market that is still in its infancy. But many businesses that provide iPad application development are still unaware of some of these basic differences that can make or break an application and its chance for success.