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Case Studies

Software solutions we have delivered. 


We work hard and we are dedicated to producing the best possible outcome for our clients, as you can see from our case studies. Contact us if you want the same client experience.


Our offshore team independently developed and QA tested a social network portal-based website. The website makes local information, services and shops accessible to everyone simply using a PC, smartphone or tablet.

  • Conformance to client´s architecture standards
  • Short time-to-market thanks to agile Kanban methodology
  • User-experience and usability optimized by our team of professionals
  • Design of application emphasizes multi-device use, scalability, performance and ease of use


Our offshore team developed a mobile application which provides flexible and simple control of plug energy consumption.


  • Product brings dramatic savings to end users
  • Complete solution available on the app stores
  • Development in 3 versions - for iPhone and  iPad, for Android, and for Windows Phone 7

Atomic Software

We enhanced the client´s main ERP product by implementing a COM interface, and designed an up-to-date front end compatible with the old version of the application. Our cooperation with the company continues through direct developer support of the ERP product.


  • Easily changeable front-end appearance
  • Brought up to date with the latest technologies
  • Advantages of older version retained
  • Decreased costs for future functionality changes in the application

CBA Software

We help to develop the key product of ShareDoc by creating an Internet-based document management solution for document sharing between companies, customers and business partners.


  • Convenient publishing, reliable archiving
  • 24/7 access to the latest versions of documents
  • No document modifications lost, as a result of logging features
  • Safety and security through access management features


We outsourced Java developers for a project in the European Commission.



  • High-quality software developed thanks to our professional staff
  • Reduced costs due to our inexpensive professionals
  • Provision of complete administrative and legal paperwork for our staff


We developed an intranet solution for our Irish digital marketing client on MS SharePoint platform


  • Document libraries delivered
  • Media library implemented, with the ability to watch videos directly from the web
  • Custom graphical design applied to the SharePoint platform
  • Improved user experience 


We extended the development team by adding six highly skilled developers to help build content around Windows Phone, Azure and Windows 8. The product was an innovative e-learning system for improving software development skills.


  • Product makes learning development skills easier
  • Real-world-like experience through emulation of developer’s platform
  • A coding sandbox to learn new skills and programming techniques
  • Tight integration with Visual Studio


We created a web-based CMS solution for a catalogue of finance companies. Key requirements were easy management and all the essential features of a modern CMS system, such as activities calendar, native full-text search, web TV section, email client integration or social sites integration. To address these needs, we implemented the open-source system Drupal.



  • System implemented with minimal programming effort
  • Extendable modular system implemented with wide community support
  • Efficient email campaigns with the ability to compile emails directly from the website section
  • Native full-text search, web TV section, email client integration or social sites integration
  • Reduced costs for further application changes


We created visual reporting web software that represents the data from Visma Global ERP 



  • Visual and user friendly compelling data representation
  • Enhance real time reporting of ERP 
  • Better information for sales and department managers

The App Tree

We have created writing practice and colouring book app for kids



  • Children can learn to write, spell and read 
  • Kids are creative while learning cause it was designed by Montessori professionals 
  • Amazing coloring book of weather themes


We have developed a solution which enables to automate photo taking and uploading procedures during stock-in in warehouse. 


  • Faster and efficient stock-in in warehouses of company
  • Automated process of uploading photos on server
  • Extreme time savings in warehouse
  • Native Android app on Samsung camera


We have created app that takes picture of defect on the road, locate its GPS and send it into the system Protank


  • Enable more efficient fixing of roads
  • Better and more exact communication among road inspectors and despatcher
  • Native Android app