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You want to write great software, we want to deliver to our clients. To make this happen, we are constantly looking for the best people with an inner passion to do great things, regardless of their role in our organization. You can apply using the form below.



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Here is a list giving the qualities of the ideal person for our company. Check it out if you want to work with such people:


  • The ideal person likes to create things which have impact
  • He/she has a proactive approach to life. He /she actively affects things around him/her
  • He/she does not wait to a problem to be solved but he/she solves it independently
  • He/she does not leave things unfinished
  • Task oriented
  • Learns from his/her mistakes
  • Sense of humour
  • Intelligent person who likes to work with intelligent people
  • He/she understands that to get things done he/she must work hard
  • Thinks for the long term
  • He/she wants to learn new thing all the time
  • Inner passion and inner motivation for life


How to Join Us:

Simple! Fill out the form below and then attach your resume and any other documents you would like to present. 

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