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We only do software, and we know how to develop and build great applications with a high level of transparency for you. As a result of our reporting, you know as much about each step of the development process as if you were doing the development yourself.


We hate bugs as much as you do. That is why our company’s primary metric is the number of bugs that a client reports. All of our development processes are built around this number.

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We have delivered custom applications all around the world, and we have experienced development with many different clients and within different environments. We have learned to adjust our methodology to meet the client’s needs.


There are few things we care more about than getting better at what we do, and surprising our clients with outstanding dedication. We execute our software projects well - 80% of clients come back to us –for repeat business. 


We have all the knowledge needed to deliver great software to you. And we love to keep learning how to create even better software solutions. We understand that employing the best people with the best knowledge, and constantly updating our people’s  knowledge, will ensure that your custom software is delivered to your satisfaction. That is why we focus on our people. Our employees even talk about software during their lunch breaks.  This dedication to their work ensures that your software is delivered meeting your requirements, without “bugs”, on time, and on budget.

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How to secure your success in outsourcing


If you want to secure your success in outsourcing, consider the following points:

  • If you are new to outsourcing, start small.  Leave the bigger and more complex projects until you have gained some experience and understanding of what is involved.
  • Never outsource your core business competencies.  Don't compromise your competitive advantage through depending on a third party, no matter how much you trust your outsourcing partner.
  • Identify one person on your site who is responsible for outsourcing. This person can become an expert in such activities and ensure that all outsourcing is consistently and successfully managed.
  • Set realistic expectations, and communicate them clearly; never assume that contractors are thinking what you are thinking.  Spell out and document exactly what deliverables you expect and to what schedule.
  • For fixed-price projects, make sure that your specifications are clear and accurate.  If you don’t have the necessary experience or the project is complex, we can help you with this.
  • For each project, appoint a manager who is responsible for overseeing the project through to delivery.  This could be someone on your site, or a member of the outsource team.
  • Establish sets of metrics for measuring the progress and performance of the project team, and act on any significant deviations from expectations.
  • A development methodology should be in place: you can use your existing processes, but if this is not feasible, we will implement our own process so that the development is controlled effectively.
  • If you are hiring a dedicated team, be clear about your staffing requirements.  It is important to get the right people for the project from the start.
  • Hold interviews with the outsourced team members so that you can select people who will work well with your own employees – ensuring a harmonious atmosphere in which the project can succeed.
  • And finally, make sure that your partner provides you with all the necessary technical project documentation so that you can maintain the system, and have the flexibility to move to a different outsource provider in the future.