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About Us

APRO is a custom software development company, specialising in the provision of nearshore outsourcing.  We are the natural choice for your business when you need software to fit your exact requirements, when you want to accelerate your software development by using an external supplier, or when you want to reduce costs through the use of a nearshore development model. 


 Dan Se Sluchatky



We focus on high levels of technical expertise and creativity, combined with low staff turnover, which means that we have all the knowledge and skills needed to deliver outstanding bespoke software to you.  Our ultimate goal is to be a reliable outsourcing partner where our software experts are an integral part of the client team.


We were established as a small student company in 2003, we are based in Prague, Minsk and London.  We bring you ten years of software delivery and outsourcing experience with many different types of companies and cultures.  Currently, we are working with customers located in the USA, the UK, Benelux and Northern Europe.